Apr 17

Lett-uce Show You a Day in the Life of a Romaine Lettuce

Throughout the world, green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) mostly eat a variety of sea grasses and algae. At SeaWorld San Diego’s Turtle Reef, we provide these underwater reptiles with nutritious romaine lettuce to substitute for sea grass. Our sea turtles in the attraction can eat through five cases of romaine lettuce a day. That’s more than 125 heads of lettuce in 24 hours!

So, what is it like in the day of a life for a leaf of romaine lettuce at Turtle Reef?

Well it’s short and nutritiously quick, as you’ll see in the clip below!

Sep 14

Foodie Friday "Luau Salad"

This week's featured menu item from the Makahiki Luau is the delicious luau salad. Don't forget to make your reservations before the luau says its final "aloha" on September 30.

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