May 09

An Eagle Ray Checkup at SeaWorld San Diego

At SeaWorld San Diego, our keepers, trainers, aquarists and veterinarians care for more than 5,000 marine animals. As part of SeaWorld’s commitment to the animals’ well being, they are monitored on a daily basis. They are also occasionally brought to our behind-the-scenes animal care facility for a more extensive checkup of their health. This occurs with sea lions, dolphins, penguins and sea otters, just to name a few. But did you know it can also include 6-foot spotted eagle rays (Aetobatus narinari)?

Jan 21

Tips for New Moms to Navigate through SeaWorld San Diego

I recently had a baby boy and of course my husband and I had to bring him to SeaWorld San Diego to meet Santa during SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration! Unlike ever other visit I’ve had (and there have been thousands of times that I have walked through this park), this visit made me take a totally different look at the park. The first few questions I had were: Where will I nurse him? Where can I change him? What do I do with the stroller? What if I need to warm a bottle?

Jun 27

Seven Ways to Beat the Heat at SeaWorld San Diego!

Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer? SeaWorld San Diego’s animals and guests share seven of their favorite ways to stay tres cool in the park:

Guests on Journey To Atlantis get their “wet and wild” on while they experience the water coaster’s 60-foot plunge. “Journey to Atlantis” is a wet and wild water coaster experience that tells the tale of Atlantis through simulated tremors, floods, and other dazzling special effects, such as projected lights, fog and water cannons.

Sep 21

It’s Hot Outside, but Everyone is Keeping Cool at SeaWorld

by Staff

Summer is coming to an end, but is the heat? Whether you’re an amazing animal or an average human, when it’s hot out…you can keep your cool at SeaWorld. Oh Yeah! When temperatures soar it’s best to beat the heat in SeaWorld’s cool zones.

Jun 21

It's the First Day of Summer

by Staff

Today is the first official day of summer -- and that means soaring central Florida temps. But don't let the heat keep you from visiting SeaWorld or Busch Gardens where you can find refreshing fun!

At SeaWorld Orlando, there are many things to do to beat the heat:

Manta dips wing at SeaWord

Jun 02

Top 20 Fan Tips for Visiting SeaWorld

by Staff

We asked our Facebook Fans to post their “top tips” on how to most enjoy a day at SeaWorld. And we were thrilled with the response. These 20 tips below were some of our favorite posts, verbatim from our Fans who know the park best. We hope you'll find them helpful - and for more insider tips, visit

1) Do your research and do the backstage interactive experiences. We did the Arctic Experience and there is nothing like feeding a walrus or kissing a whale. Incredible!

-- Kim P.

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