Jan 14

SeaWorld Rescue Team Member Adopts Hurricane Sandy Dog

On Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, the SeaWorld Rescue Team, along with the concerted efforts of Helen Woodward Animal Center, Southwest Airlines and BP Fuel, assisted more than 40 orphaned dogs and cats flown in across the country from the East Coast that were affected when Hurricane Sandy hit and left their facilities uninhabitable. Jessica DeCoursey was among the rescue team members who safely chaperoned the pets, including seven-year-old pug/Pekinese blend Lassie, to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Nov 26

SeaWorld Rescue Team and Hurricane Sandy Pets: A Picture Story

On Saturday, Nov. 17, the SeaWorld Rescue Team and I had the great opportunity to assist, chaperone and provide transportation for nearly 50 cats and dogs from shelters on the East Coast overwhelmed by an influx of animals displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to Southwest Airlines and Helen Woodward Animal Center, the pets now have a second chance at life here on the West Coast, ready to be adopted by wonderful families just like yours. Here's a picture story of how the experience went, down to a reunion with one of the recently-adopted pets.

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