Apr 24

DIY Recipe: Viva la Música Sangria

Viva la Música has arrived at SeaWorld Orlando and so have Chef Héctor's recipes. To kick-off the party, and allow you to continue the festivities even when you get back home, we asked Chef Héctor to share a few recipes with us. Today's recipe is a fan-favorite cocktail: SANGRIA! This simple three-step recipe is sure to get any party started.

Mar 03

Chat with Chef: Pacific Rim Flavors at Pineapple Pete’s

I think you’d agree that an island-themed restaurant is definitely right at home here at SeaWorld San Diego. In comes Pineapple Pete’s Island Eats and its revamped menu!

“A revamped menu?!? Does this mean that my favorite funnel cakes are gone??? NOOO!!!”

Nov 04

Foodie Friday -- Caribbean Pork Loin

It's the first week of November, and many people are starting to prepare for the cold winter months. Here in Orlando, it's always tropical at Discovery Cove! To showcase the exotic cuisine offered at the park's Laguna Grill, we're featuring their savory Caribbean Pork Loin this week.

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