Apr 09

Marine Animal Adaptations

I learned that adaptations are the changes some animals make to be able to survive in their environment. Different marine animals have adaptations that help them live in and out of water.

Whales and other animals swimming in cold water need to stay warm. They have warm blood so they have layers of blubber so their bodies don’t get too cold.

Sep 18

Taking Care of Sea Otters

Sea otters are really cute and fun to watch. When I go to SeaWorld I like to visit the exhibit to watch them swim and play. They are really funny when they splash and play with their favorite toys. Sometimes we’re lucky and get to see the frozen ice treats get delivered. The otters swim up and are excited for their treats.

Mar 06

You Otter Take a Look!

This past October brought some new changes for our resident sea otters! The sea otters of our Otter Outlook exhibit had a mini staycation at one of the pools in our Animal Care Facility while their home was refreshed and given a new look.

The four girls: Clover, Coco, Mocha and Sina were relocated for a few weeks in order to begin modifications to their exhibit. These changes included a major rehabilitation of the exhibit’s back holding pool where daily husbandry, feeding and guest tours occur.

Sep 09

Sea, You Otter Know About This!

Sea otters were once abundant along most of the coastal North Pacific Ocean. In the 18th and 19th centuries, fur traders hunted sea otters for their thick, luxurious pelts. By 1900, sea otters were nearly extinct. Protected from hunting by state law since 1911, and by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, sea otters have made a comeback in Alaska and, to a lesser extent, in California waters.

Nov 28

Rescued California Sea Otter Pup Celebrates First Birthday at SeaWorld San Diego

California sea otters are a threatened species and SeaWorld San Diego is actively contributing resources to the conservation of this amazing animal. Our latest effort includes hand-rearing Mocha, an orphaned pup rescued last winter and unable to return to the ocean. SeaWorld animal care specialists worked with veterinarians to stabilize this fragile pup's health and successfully raise her this past year. We recently celebrated Mocha's birthday, estimated to be in mid-November. One-year-old Mocha is now on exhibit with three other yo

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