Nov 28

SeaWorld Launches First Mobile Game - Ocean Themed, Of Course

by Staff

Turtle Trek, the first mobile game from SeaWorld, is now available from the App Store.

Turtle Trek is a free game download for the iPhone and iPad. Players guide an adventuresome sea turtle on a quest across the beach and into the water to find friends. They help the plucky sea turtle navigate through the perilous seascape and conquer a variety of challenges, some dangerous and some light-hearted.

Jul 31

What Does Your Favorite Beach Look Like After a Busy Holiday?

Earlier this month, on the Fourth of July, I was lucky enough to enjoy a day with friends, and about 10,000 other people on Mission Bay’s Crown Point Park in San Diego. In between crowds of people with their tents, tables and chairs, were large cardboard boxes meant for people to dump their trash. During the day, people seemed to be taking care of the park by filling up their individual trash bags as well as filling up the oversized trashcans placed around the park.

Feb 25

SeaWorld Rehabilitating Solstice, the Rescued Sea Turtle

by Staff

Solstice, a distressed female sea turtle rescued after she was found cold-stunned on a Washington beach, arrived at SeaWorld San Diego’s Animal Rescue Center on Feb. 24, to continue her rehabilitation process. Following her rescue, she was initially treated by experts at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service coordinated with the U.S. Coast Guard to airlift Solstice to Southern California in a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft during a training mission.

Jan 30

Zander the Otter Makes His Big Game 2015 Predictions

Zander, the Asian small-clawed river otter made his predictions for the big game on Sunday! Watch the video to see who he thinks will be the champions!

Sep 26

Trainer Talk: Sea Otters Part 3!

Our new, educational webisode series, "Trainer Talk," gives you the fun opportunity to learn more about the animals that live here in the park from our trainers and animal care specialists.

In honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week, we're focusing this month's Trainer Talk on... you guessed it: California sea otters! In the third part of this month's series, senior animal care specialist Mike shares ways that you can help protect sea otters, a threatened marine mammal.

Sep 18

Taking Care of Sea Otters

Sea otters are really cute and fun to watch. When I go to SeaWorld I like to visit the exhibit to watch them swim and play. They are really funny when they splash and play with their favorite toys. Sometimes we’re lucky and get to see the frozen ice treats get delivered. The otters swim up and are excited for their treats.

Apr 26

Celebrating Earth Week at SeaWorld San Diego

Every day of the year, SeaWorld San Diego opens its doors to entertain, amaze and educate guests. Behind the scenes, there also is a mission to care for the environment and the animals beyond our park’s borders.

This year’s Earth Day was on April 22, but here at SeaWorld, we consider every day as Earth Day. From recycling plastic bags to reducing our carbon footprint, our team members participated in various educational activities throughout the week that provided them the opportunity to learn more about the different ways we can do our part for the environment.

Mar 06

You Otter Take a Look!

This past October brought some new changes for our resident sea otters! The sea otters of our Otter Outlook exhibit had a mini staycation at one of the pools in our Animal Care Facility while their home was refreshed and given a new look.

The four girls: Clover, Coco, Mocha and Sina were relocated for a few weeks in order to begin modifications to their exhibit. These changes included a major rehabilitation of the exhibit’s back holding pool where daily husbandry, feeding and guest tours occur.

Sep 09

Sea, You Otter Know About This!

Sea otters were once abundant along most of the coastal North Pacific Ocean. In the 18th and 19th centuries, fur traders hunted sea otters for their thick, luxurious pelts. By 1900, sea otters were nearly extinct. Protected from hunting by state law since 1911, and by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, sea otters have made a comeback in Alaska and, to a lesser extent, in California waters.

Apr 17

Lett-uce Show You a Day in the Life of a Romaine Lettuce

Throughout the world, green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) mostly eat a variety of sea grasses and algae. At SeaWorld San Diego’s Turtle Reef, we provide these underwater reptiles with nutritious romaine lettuce to substitute for sea grass. Our sea turtles in the attraction can eat through five cases of romaine lettuce a day. That’s more than 125 heads of lettuce in 24 hours!

So, what is it like in the day of a life for a leaf of romaine lettuce at Turtle Reef?

Well it’s short and nutritiously quick, as you’ll see in the clip below!

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