May 07

DIY Recipe: Viva La Musica Empanadas Locas

It’s not too late to come out to SeaWorld Orlando this weekend and celebrate the food, fun, sights and sounds of Viva la Música. You can even bring the flavors of Viva to your own kitchen a day early with our simple DIY recipe from SeaWorld Orlando’s own Executive Chef, Héctor Colón.

Last week we gave you the recipe for our mayoketchup sauce, now we give you the steps to create one of our most popular dishes at the event: Empanadas Locas!

Apr 30

DIY Recipe: Viva La Musica’s Signature Mayoketchup Sauce

Things are continuing to sizzle here at SeaWorld Orlando with our Latin music and food festival Viva La Música . Our second DIY recipe from Chef Héctor Colon is the perfect ingredient to spice up any meal. This sauce is featured in our tripleta sandwiches, a fan favorite at Viva La Música, and various food platters around the festival.

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