Aug 03

Sea Otter Olympics at SeaWorld San Diego

by Staff

While amazing athletes from around the globe compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics, the animals at SeaWorld show off their own special skills in unique ways.

Jul 06

Fur Seals Returned to the Wild

A pair of male fur seals rescued and nursed back to health by SeaWorld San Diego’s animal care team was returned to the ocean. Both animals were rescued in May emaciated, malnourished and dehydrated. The first of these mammals, a Guadalupe fur seal, was rescued off Imperial Beach weighing almost 15.5 pounds May 13, 2012. The other, a hybrid (mixed breed species), was rescued May 29 with a swollen rear flipper and weighing 16.5 pounds. SeaWorld veterinarians were able to treat the bulging flipper with antibiotics.

Mar 17

Happy Anniversary (and St. Patrick’s Day) to Clover the Sea Otter

Today (March 17, 2012) is the one-year anniversary of Clover, a female southern sea otter. Clover's story began in late 2010 when she was rescued and brought to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. At that time, Clover was a young, wild otter that stranded due to illness. Veterinarians examined and treated her for several months and deemed her unable to return to the ocean, due to her need for long term care. Clover arrived at SeaWorld San Diego at about 5 months old on St. Patrick's Day, hence the name Clover.

Feb 13

A SeaWorld Valentine...

Do the SeaWorld animals have valentines? Sure they do! As a trainer we form a close bond with our animals. My personal favorite is Judy, a very sweet Asian small-clawed river otter at our sea lion and otter show. I think she likes me too…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Feb 02

SNEAK PEEK ALERT: Discovery Cove's All-New Freshwater Oasis

by Staff

We’re excited to give our fans a special glimpse of the new Freshwater Oasis opening soon at Discovery Cove.

At the Freshwater Oasis you’ll be able wade, relax and come face-to-face with playful otters and curious marmosets. Designed with a rainforest canopy above and sparkling-clear springs below, Freshwater Oasis is a natural fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical atmosphere. No matter where you turn, you’ll find endless discoveries.

Jan 25

SeaWorld's Penguins on a Plane!

When SeaWorld’s penguins fly … they fly on Southwest Airlines. Check out Pete and Penny Penguin strutting down the aisle on their recent flight from San Diego to Denver!!!

Dec 26

Baby otter needs a name!

  • What a cutie!! Our little rescued California sea otter pup is now living at her new home in the otter nursery at Rocky Point Preserve. She currently weighs 18 pounds and is 4-months-old.
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