Nov 11

Happy First Birthday, Rain!

What’s one of my favorite things about working at SeaWorld?

Baby animals! Last November, I was overjoyed to watch Cascade, one of our experienced bottlenose dolphin moms, give birth to a healthy baby boy! Even after witnessing several dolphin births, I was one of the many people that got giddy and started cheering when the calf took his first breath.

Nov 05

Meet guest blogger Christine, Aviculturist at Discovery Cove

by Staff

Hi, I’m Christine, an Aviculturist at Discovery Cove. My love for animals started when I was very young after rescuing a pair of mockingbird chicks that had fallen out a nest in my backyard. I never thought that someday I would be working with animals as a career, but for the past thirteen years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of birds, small mammals and dolphins.

Oct 25

A Second Chance at Life for TJ, the Rescued Common Dolphin

by Staff

TJ, a young, male common dolphin rescued on a beach near Tijuana in the spring, is thriving back in the ocean after being given a second chance at life here at SeaWorld San Diego!

Jul 31

SeaWorld's Kelly Flaherty Clark Explains "Slide-out" Behavior

by Staff

You may have questions about why whales and dolphins swim out of the water onto what we call “slide-out” areas. This is a social and play behavior our trainers see daily, and the animals are safe doing this. In fact, our whales and dolphins are trained to swim onto, and off of, the slide-outs so that we can monitor their growth and give them veterinary care. In this video, SeaWorld trainer Kelly Flaherty-Clark explains the behavior in more detail.

May 10

Celebrating Mothers from Land and Sea at SeaWorld San Diego

This year for Mother’s Day, SeaWorld San Diego guests can watch several of our animal moms caring for their young here at the park. One animal in particular is Cascade, a bottlenose dolphin, who is currently caring for her sixth calf that was born in early November.

Apr 15

A Spotlight on Blue Horizons' Stars: Bubbles, Shadow and Argo!

Hi everyone! Christie here from SeaWorld San Diego’s Dolphin Stadium, home of the Blue Horizons show! As many of you may know, Blue Horizons features several different kinds of animals including bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates) and a variety of bird species. But what most people what to know is, “What kind whales are in your show?” The answer? Short-finned Pacific pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus)!

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