Aug 28

You Need to Check Out Dolphin Days at SeaWorld San Diego

Dolphins are so neat because they are cute and smart. An awesome thing they can do is locate things with echolocation – that means they make a noise and it bounces back to them. Echolocation helps them find their food.

Dophins have fusiform bodies, just like sea lions, to help them swim fast through the water.

May 02

SeaWorld San Diego Hoping for Pregnancy after Conducting Artificial Insemination with Park’s Polar Bear

SeaWorld San Diego’s zoological team, including Dr. Justine O’Brien from the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Center, recently conducted artificial insemination with a female polar bear named Snowflake. The 19-year-old bear will be monitored for a potential pregnancy starting in early fall when animal care specialists will test her progesterone levels in the hopes of a pregnancy.

Mar 12

Meet Sarah McGuire: Q&A with SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Trainer

by Staff

Since it’s Dolphin Awareness Month, we sat down with SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Trainer Sarah McGuire to give you a glimpse into the day-in-the-life of a dolphin trainer. Sarah has been working with dolphins for more than 15 years.

Here are some highlights from our Q&A session:

Dec 30

SeaWorld San Diego's Explorer's Reef: The SeaWorld Store

by Staff

SeaWorld San Diego is excited to announce our newest and largest retail location yet—The SeaWorld Store™! Set to premiere on Jan. 3, this new store will feature the largest selection of SeaWorld merchandise available at the park. In this webisode, the Wave Team and Park President John Reilly give you the first look at what's in store for you!

Jun 21

SeaWorld San Diego: The Voyage Begins -- Summer Nights

by Staff

Hi SeaWorld Fans! Paty and Kat here, your SeaWorld Splash Team and your key to exclusive information on SeaWorld and Aquatica SeaWorld's Waterpark in San Diego!

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