Aug 06

Heart Rate Study on Killer Whale Will Benefit Whales in the Wild

An important study being conducted on Corky, one of the killer whales here at SeaWorld San Diego, will provide valuable veterinary diagnostic benefits as well as help scientists better understand diving physiology in cetaceans in the wild.

Mar 25

SeaWorld Cares for More than Just Marine Animals

Some friends think only marine animals live at SeaWorld but I’ve learned so much about other types of animals there too. Many different birds, land mammals, reptiles and amphibians live at SeaWorld.

The flamingos at SeaWorld San Diego and Aquatica do not spend most of their time in the water but they spend some of the day hanging out with friends in the water. They build nests on land and teach their chicks how to take care of themselves.

Mar 04

This Month, We're Celebrating Corky!

It’s no surprise that Corky is loved by many and has touched hundreds of millions of lives. This month, we're celebrating Corky! We invite you to share your favorite memories of this wonderful whale by writing on her greeting card at Shamu’s Underwater Viewing throughout the month of March. Don’t worry; if you’re unable to visit the park, you can tell us your special moments spent with her on Facebook!

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