Jul 09

Pengtastic Penguins at SeaWorld San Diego

I like penguins because they waddle and make funny noises. I really like to visit them at SeaWorld San Diego because I get to watch them swim and play with their friends. They are really good swimmers and like to eat fish.

Aug 16

Of Napkins and Penguins: The Origin of Penguin Encounter, Part One

If you’re like me, you may enjoy an “origin story” from time to time: the notion that an institution, invention or innovation sometimes stems from the simple act of someone scribbling an idea on whatever scrap of paper is available.

Apr 25

Polar Lights

Like the famed white bear which roams the Arctic ice, the resolutely Antarctic penguin is deemed a “polar” animal. The word polar, when you think about it, is a suggestive word: it suggests great and opposite extremes. True to the word, the penguin is a warm-blooded creature that lives in the coldest of climates. The bird is black and, at once, white. Within this language of opposites, would it be fair to say the penguin is also night and day?

Feb 10

Caption Contest: Penguin Advice

by Staff

***UPDATED 2/11/2011***

It’s Caption Contest Time! We have so many great photos of our trainers, animal care teams, aviculturists and aquarists with our animals, we thought it would be fun to let our Fans get in on the act of trying to create some humorous captions. This is a photo of one of our ace aviculturists acclimating three macaroni penguin chicks to the Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego. While doing so, it seems one of our emperor penguins wants to give her a little help and advice.

Nov 15

SeaWorld’s Cold Weather Animals

As you’re pulling out your warm coats, hats and gloves for the cold weather, you’ll be amazed at how some animals found at SeaWorld keep warm during extreme cold weather conditions.

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