May 05

SeaWorld Orlando Recycled Over 200,000 Pounds of Food Waste in 2013

Did you know up to 70% of the world’s food waste can be recycled!? SeaWorld Orlando continues to give back to Central Florida communities and our natural environments with food waste recycling through Organic Matters.

Organic Matters is committed to converting organic waste into useable products that have the highest value in the most environmentally responsible way.

Apr 12

Treat Yourself Today: Cotton Candy

No SeaWorld San Diego experience is complete without indulging yourself in a theme park staple, which is why for this month's "Treat Yourself", I decided to feature cotton candy!

Before I continue, I have to acknowledge a very important question: What makes our park's cotton candy special?

Dec 16

Foodie Friday: Scrumptious, Easy-to-Make Bananas Foster

A chef and some bananas … give me the perfect idea for a celebratory dessert that’s easy to make. Yeah, I want to sink my teeth in a Bananas Foster. Don’t you want to serve up the sweet, flaming, crescent-shaped pulpy fruit at your next holiday party? It’ll be quite the fun, tasty treat.

Oct 28

Foodie Friday: Fall in love with Pumpkin Cheese Cake

It’s that time of year again for all things pumpkin and at SeaWorld that means, pumpkin fish, pumpkin patch and pumpkin cheesecake! That’s right, our culinary operations team works hard to bring our guests delicious treats that are fitting for the season.

Oct 26

Halloween Treats, Not Tricks, for Mother Nature

Did you know that some of our favorite Halloween traditions can actually take a toll on the environment? SeaWorld is committed to the communities we share and our natural world, so we put together some tips to make your Halloween more “green”. Keep in mind, even the smallest efforts make a difference.

Feb 18

Foodie Friday — Chicken Chili and Willie!

by Staff

What’s better than a cup of Mom’s homemade chili? Full-of-flavor BBQ chicken chili, straight from SeaWorld’s Executive Chef, Hector Colon! Add a little zest to your typical BBQ eats by including this spicy and tangy dish.

Jan 21

Foodie Friday -- New Potato and Roasted Pepper Salad

by Staff

Welcome to Foodie Friday! Each week, we'll bring you a tasty recipe from SeaWorld's chefs.

Looking for an interesting and zesty twist to ho-hum potato salad? Try this recipe.

If you like it, let us know.


Jul 22

Busch Gardens Celebrates Bert's Birthday July 24

by Staff

Sesame Street’s Bert celebrates his birthday on July 26, so Busch Gardens Tampa is hosting a party for him in the new Sesame Street Safari of Fun on Saturday, July 24. Ernie's straight-laced sidekick will be the guest of honor during a breakfast and a lunch dine. Breakfast is from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.; lunch is from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Jul 08

Flag Day at Sesame Place

by Staff

For the last five years, Sesame Place has invited a group of active and retired military personnel to distribute American flags to guests as they arrived at the park. This year, eight members of the military and their families came to the park to hand out over 500 flags.

Nov 18

Fire Up the Grill this Holiday Season with a Fresh New Recipe from SeaWorld

by Staff

Living in the southeast means a longer backyard grilling season and more chances to impress family and friends with fresh, new recipes. Get the coals ready and try this unique dish featuring salmon filets drizzled with an ancho chili pepper sauce infused with jerk marinade. It's direct from Chef Thomas Lazlo, Executive Chef at SeaWorld Orlando's Sharks Underwater Grill.

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