Jul 30

SeaWorld San Diego Tips from Instagram Fans

We asked our Fans on our Instagram (@seaworldsandiego) to share their guide for a fun SeaWorld San Diego day. Check out their insider tips below!

“Getting the pass for an All-Day Dining Deal. Saves on money and food is great lots of varieties :)”
- Mary, Arizona

“I plan the shows I want to see first. That’s a must. In between show breaks, depending on where the show is, I will often see other exhibits in the same area as the show before, or the upcoming show.”
- Emily, Canada

Jun 30

CUTE ALERT: It’s Pupping Season at SeaWorld Orlando

This past week, our SeaWorld Orlando family welcomed two adorable California sea lions. The sea lions were born at Pacific Point Preserve on June 23 and June 26. The recent sea lion births were among six that have taken place over the past few weeks during pupping season.

Apr 14

Chat with Chef: Seven Seas Food Festival, California Flavors

Raise your anchors and sail away at SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival, where you’ll embark on a culinary voyage around the world without leaving San Diego. Enlighten your palate with forays into fresh and bold food expeditions. Awaken your taste buds with spicy, sweet and savory flavors elevated by carefully curated local craft beer and wine selections.

Watch this week's Chat with Chef episode to learn more about three locations featuring California flavors -- ocean, farm and gastropub -- and stay tuned over the next few weeks for more food previews!

Dec 10

Miss California is Awesome

I was at Explorer’s Reef looking at cleaner fish when Miss California, Marina Inserra, walked right up to me. It was a big surprise because no one told me she would be at SeaWorld that day. She was wearing a beautiful crown and looked like a princess. I was excited to see her because I saw her on TV before and knew she worked at SeaWorld. She told me she was going to hang out with me for the whole day because I am special and love animals so much.

Feb 20

Chat with Chef: Manny Ray's

Located between Manta and Dolphin Point, SeaWorld San Diego's Manny Ray's offers unique and original food choices, ranging from pulled pork and California cheese steak flatbread pizzas to chipotle turkey wrap and kalua pork sandwiches. In this month's Chat with Chef, we sat down (because talking about food makes us weak in the knees) with Chef Axel to learn more about the Manny Ray's food and dining experience.

Jan 25

California Sea Lion is SeaWorld San Diego's First Mammal Return of 2013

As I’ve said before, I love SeaWorld San Diego’s mission to return rescued and rehabilitated animals to the wild. And what’s even cooler, I actually stepped in to help our first marine mammal to be returned to the wild this year from our SeaWorld rescue truck on Jan. 11. After three months of medical rehabilitation at the SeaWorld animal care center, a 300-pound adult male California sea lion named Buck being returned to the wild was quite a sight. I’m sure the dozen or so beachgoers who looked on from various viewpoints agreed.

Dec 28

Tips for the Holidays from SeaWorld San Diego's Rescue Team

The holidays are always a great time for one's family and relatives to get together, catch up on the going-ons and take the sights in around town. California is a great state to do that! There are many attractions to visit (my favorite being SeaWorld San Diego, and yes, I truly mean that -- I love our park!), including the famous beaches up and down our coast. Californians are used to seeing many California sea lions and harbor seals taking in the sun along the shore, sometimes even alongside beach-goers. Which made me wonder . .

Nov 28

Rescued California Sea Otter Pup Celebrates First Birthday at SeaWorld San Diego

California sea otters are a threatened species and SeaWorld San Diego is actively contributing resources to the conservation of this amazing animal. Our latest effort includes hand-rearing Mocha, an orphaned pup rescued last winter and unable to return to the ocean. SeaWorld animal care specialists worked with veterinarians to stabilize this fragile pup's health and successfully raise her this past year. We recently celebrated Mocha's birthday, estimated to be in mid-November. One-year-old Mocha is now on exhibit with three other yo

Nov 01

SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team Representatives Attend Oilapalooza

SeaWorld’s Rescue Team is ready 365 days a year to assist marine life that is in need. But did you know that a special team from SeaWorld’s Rescue program is trained specifically to respond to marine life that is endangered by oil spills?

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