Jul 11

Help Us Name Aquatica Orlando's New African Spurred Tortoise

We have a new animal addition at Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark, in Orlando -- African spurred tortoises!

Two tortoises are now calling our waterpark home, so next time you visit be sure to stop by and welcome them to their new habitat. Motu (left) is the male tortoise, and the female tortoise is the larger of the two (right). But, we have an added surprise!

Oct 26

Halloween Treats, Not Tricks, for Mother Nature

Did you know that some of our favorite Halloween traditions can actually take a toll on the environment? SeaWorld is committed to the communities we share and our natural world, so we put together some tips to make your Halloween more “green”. Keep in mind, even the smallest efforts make a difference.

Oct 10

Species Spotlight: Giant Pacific Octopus

Otto the Octopus is the hero of SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular, and is even featured on our Spooktacular logo. Do you know where at SeaWorld you can find a real octopus? Keep reading to find out all the fun, freaky facts about the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Sep 19

Species Spotlight: Kinkajou

Rarely seen but often heard, the noisy and nimble kinkajou screeches, hoots and barks sounds from high up in the trees. Let's learn more about these marvelous mammals of the rain forest!

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