Apr 04

Chat with Chef: Artisan Menu Options at Coral Market

My fellow Foodies, I think I’ve established well enough in my previous posts that I’m a BIG fan of bread. At the mere mention of the word, I light up. You can imagine, then, my excitement at Executive Chef Axel Dirolf’s invitation to lunch at SeaWorld San Diego’s newest eatery, Coral Market, home to delicious and savory artisan menu options!

Mar 03

Chat with Chef: Pacific Rim Flavors at Pineapple Pete’s

I think you’d agree that an island-themed restaurant is definitely right at home here at SeaWorld San Diego. In comes Pineapple Pete’s Island Eats and its revamped menu!

“A revamped menu?!? Does this mean that my favorite funnel cakes are gone??? NOOO!!!”

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