Apr 14

SeaWorld Cares Team Volunteers at Arnold Palmer Hospital

The SeaWorld Orlando Cares team made a special visit to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children this month. Since many of the children and their families were unable to leave the hospital for Easter, the SeaWorld team brought an Easter Egg Hunt to them.

Dec 10

Miss California is Awesome

I was at Explorer’s Reef looking at cleaner fish when Miss California, Marina Inserra, walked right up to me. It was a big surprise because no one told me she would be at SeaWorld that day. She was wearing a beautiful crown and looked like a princess. I was excited to see her because I saw her on TV before and knew she worked at SeaWorld. She told me she was going to hang out with me for the whole day because I am special and love animals so much.

Nov 06

Dreamflight Visits SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove

by Staff

Christmas came early this year for 200 deserving children, thanks to Dreamflight, a UK charity dedicated to changing young lives. Established in 1987 and operating annually since, Dreamflight grants children with a serious illness or disability the vacation of a lifetime to Orlando.

Oct 01

I Love Killer Whales

I really like learning about killer whales when I go to SeaWorld. Killer whales are also called Orcinus orca. I’ve always loved watching them from the underwater viewing window. The first time I met them I was just a baby.

When I was at SeaWorld earlier this year I met Kasatka and her trainer Kristi.

Sep 23

SeaWorld Orlando Vet Team Works with Animal Eye Clinic to Remove Cataracts from Penguins

by Staff

A total of four SeaWorld Orlando penguins -- one rockhopper and three gentoo - are healing nicely after receiving a specialty surgery on August 28, 2014 to remove cataracts at Animal Eye Associates in Maitland, Fla. The surgery was performed by veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Heidi Denis, who specializes in animal ophthalmology.

Aug 06

Sharks, Cleaner Fish and More at Explorer’s Reef

When I first got to SeaWorld San Diego, I thought I dived under a wave. Explorer’s Reef was the first thing I saw and it was really cool. I wanted to stay there all day. The touch pools have neat animals like crabs, rays, cleaner fish and even friendly sharks.

Jul 18

An Inspirational Story About an Amazing Girl and How SeaWorld Orlando is Helping Her Dreams Come True

Meet McClain Hermes, a 13-year-old Paralympic swimmer and philanthropist who is suffering from progressive vision loss. After being told by doctors that she had less than two years before losing her sight entirely, Hermes has been on a quest to create lasting, visual memories.

Jul 07

SeaWorld Orlando Gives Back to Central Florida Communities By Working with Second Harvest Food Bank

SeaWorld Orlando continues to give back to Central Florida communities with food donations and events partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank, one of the four designated charities we work with.

Jul 03

SeaWorld San Diego’s New Rescue Boat: Second Chance

SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 7,000 ill, injured and orphaned marine mammals in the last 50 years, giving these animals a second chance at life. Once a rescued animal is medically rehabilitated and demonstrates to our animal care team that it is able to fend for itself, it is returned to the ocean off the coast of San Diego.

Apr 04

Chat with Chef: Artisan Menu Options at Coral Market

My fellow Foodies, I think I’ve established well enough in my previous posts that I’m a BIG fan of bread. At the mere mention of the word, I light up. You can imagine, then, my excitement at Executive Chef Axel Dirolf’s invitation to lunch at SeaWorld San Diego’s newest eatery, Coral Market, home to delicious and savory artisan menu options!

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