Aug 30

Happy Milestone for "SeaWorld's Happy Tails"

by Staff

Earlier this year we launched “SeaWorld’s Happy Tails” to encourage adoptions of homeless dogs and cats from local animal shelters. The program thanks pet lovers in our hometown markets with two free single-day admissions to SeaWorld when they adopt a dog or cat from participating shelters.

Oct 19

Happy 1st Birthday Bodie!

Today marks Bodie's one year birthday! He was born October 18, 2014 on a sunny day here at SeaWorld San Diego. All of us here at SeaWorld have enjoyed seeing him grow up, get bigger and develop relationships with his family and trainers. Wendy, senior trainer at Dolphin Stadium, comments that he enjoys learning sessions with his trainer and that he is very smart and inquisitive.

Sep 02

Everyone Should Try Thrill Rides at Aquatica San Diego

I live in Arizona and go to lots of waterparks in the summer because it’s so hot. I really like water slides and was so excited to go to Aquatica San Diego during our summer vacation because they have awesome rides there.

Aug 28

You Need to Check Out Dolphin Days at SeaWorld San Diego

Dolphins are so neat because they are cute and smart. An awesome thing they can do is locate things with echolocation – that means they make a noise and it bounces back to them. Echolocation helps them find their food.

Dophins have fusiform bodies, just like sea lions, to help them swim fast through the water.

Jul 31

What Does Your Favorite Beach Look Like After a Busy Holiday?

Earlier this month, on the Fourth of July, I was lucky enough to enjoy a day with friends, and about 10,000 other people on Mission Bay’s Crown Point Park in San Diego. In between crowds of people with their tents, tables and chairs, were large cardboard boxes meant for people to dump their trash. During the day, people seemed to be taking care of the park by filling up their individual trash bags as well as filling up the oversized trashcans placed around the park.

Jul 24

National Zookeeper Week: Kortney

We are all passionate about animals here at SeaWorld San Diego, but no one more so than the team members who care for them every single day. Zoos and aquariums are made up of individuals striving to make a difference in the world we all share.

May 02

SeaWorld San Diego Hoping for Pregnancy after Conducting Artificial Insemination with Park’s Polar Bear

SeaWorld San Diego’s zoological team, including Dr. Justine O’Brien from the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Center, recently conducted artificial insemination with a female polar bear named Snowflake. The 19-year-old bear will be monitored for a potential pregnancy starting in early fall when animal care specialists will test her progesterone levels in the hopes of a pregnancy.

Apr 01

New Saltwater Restrooms at SeaWorld San Diego

The severe drought in California is no joke. In our park’s ongoing movement to conserve water, SeaWorld San Diego is leading the way with the implementation of a saltwater flushing system in our newest restrooms.

It will save approximately 1.3 million gallons of freshwater annually from wastefully going down the drain.

Mar 25

SeaWorld Cares for More than Just Marine Animals

Some friends think only marine animals live at SeaWorld but I’ve learned so much about other types of animals there too. Many different birds, land mammals, reptiles and amphibians live at SeaWorld.

The flamingos at SeaWorld San Diego and Aquatica do not spend most of their time in the water but they spend some of the day hanging out with friends in the water. They build nests on land and teach their chicks how to take care of themselves.

Mar 20

Why is SeaWorld Important to You?

Since SeaWorld San Diego opened on March 21, 1964, hundreds of millions of visitors have been inspired or touched by their experiences at our three parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio. In celebration of our 51st anniversary, we want to share some of the reasons why our guests say SeaWorld is important to them.

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