Oct 26

My SeaWorld Story: John

SeaWorld has inspired millions of guests since it opened in 1964. We all have a SeaWorld story; from the first time we connected with a dolphin or a whale, to the moment we made an effort to recycle to protect our ocean friends beyond the park's borders.

Oct 23

The Sepia Bandensis

What has chromatophores, eight arms, two feeding tentacles and can be found at SeaWorld San Diego's Aquarium de la Mer? (Hint: It's not an octopus, but is related to it.) Press play to find out!

Oct 21

The Nautilus Pompilius

What has 90 arms, is a cephalopod, has lived in the ocean since before the dinosaurs, and can be found at SeaWorld San Diego’s Aquarium de la Mer? Watch the video below to find out!

Oct 19

Congratulations Tobie on New Dolphin Baby!

We are pleased to announce the birth of a bottlenose dolphin calf. After a 12-month gestation period, the calf was born to a bottlenose dolphin named Tobie yesterday in a behind-the-scenes pool at SeaWorld San Diego. Both mother and baby appear to be in good health and are swimming together and bonding.

Oct 19

Happy 1st Birthday Bodie!

Today marks Bodie's one year birthday! He was born October 18, 2014 on a sunny day here at SeaWorld San Diego. All of us here at SeaWorld have enjoyed seeing him grow up, get bigger and develop relationships with his family and trainers. Wendy, senior trainer at Dolphin Stadium, comments that he enjoys learning sessions with his trainer and that he is very smart and inquisitive.

Oct 05

Guess Who I Got to See Up Close – Killer Whales!

Sea lions are my favorite marine animals but my next favorite are whales. SeaWorld has taught me a lot about killer whales. Sometimes I get to talk to the trainers and hear all about how they take care of the whales. They spend a lot of time observing them and learn lots every day.

Oct 02

Rock Day at Penguin Encounter!

Hmm… what is “Rock Day” at SeaWorld San Diego’s Penguin Encounter? Watch the video below to find out, then share what you learned in the comments below! *Hint*: It doesn’t involve big hair and electric guitars!

Sep 29

Scientific Words I Learned at SeaWorld

I love going to SeaWorld because I get to learn about animals. Everyone I see working there stops to talk to kids like me about their jobs.

Sometimes I get to learn really neat scientific words that I have never heard before. This year I learned so many different things about animals and have shared them all with my friends in first grade. Some of the new neat words I learned are hydrodynamic, cartilage and husbandry. Lots of other science words I already learned at school but get to hear them used at SeaWorld.

Sep 25

The Making of Nakai and Orkid's Birthday Cakes

SeaWorld San Diego recently celebrated the birthday of two September babies: Nakai and Orkid! Watch the video below to see how killer whale trainers Katey and Andre prepared the birthday celebrants' special treats!

Sep 24

Rady Children's Hospital Visit with Pete and Penny Penguin

For many years, SeaWorld San Diego has brought animal ambassadors to Rady Children's Hospital so that patients who are unable to visit the park can have a chance to meet them up close. On Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, Pete and Penny Penguin brought smiles to many kids, showing the power of connection.

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