Jun 08

Busch Gardens Tampa's New Area - Walkabout Way - Featuring Kangaroos

by Staff

Feeding Kangaroo at Walk About Way Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa announced today that a new area dedicated to Australian animals will open Monday. Walkabout Way features kangaroos and wallabies and you'll have the chance to pet and feed them, too!

Feeding Kangaroo at Walk About Way Busch Gardens

The new area is located in the park's Bird Gardens. There, you'll meander down a sidewalk with kangaroos on either side of you behind a wooden fence, and wallabies potentially hopping right along your pathway.

Kangaroo at Walk About Way Busch Gardens

Throughout the day, you can also hand-feed the animals. There will be scheduled feedings a few times each day. For $5, you get a cup of food and can have the animals feeding right out of your hand. But note, the area is for ages 5 and older.

In addition to the roos and wallabies, Walkabout Way will also include other Australian species, including magpie geese and Australian black swans. There's also the Kookaburra's Nest, a free-flight aviary in Walkabout Way that will feature -- what else --kookaburras!

An education station there offers up-close encounters with the park's animal ambassadors, ranging from Australian parrots, a tawny frogmouth, cockatoos, among other exotic animals that share an important message of conservation.

Walkabout Way is included in park admission, and expands the array of animal encounters Busch Gardens offers.