Dec 07

The Best Day Ever: The Day I Met Clyde!

I love sea lions a lot. They are funny and smart and really important marine animals. I have learned lots about them at SeaWorld. The SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team rescues many sea lions and helps give them a second chance at life. Most of them go back to live in the wild.

Clyde is not a rescued sea lion. He lives at SeaWorld. Clyde is the star of the Clyde and Seamore show. I got to meet him at SeaWorld and it was the best day ever!

More than one sea lion gets to be Clyde in the Clyde and Seamore shows. Clyde is like a movie name. The last time I went to SeaWorld I got to meet Duke. He’s 19 years old and famous as Clyde. He is so big and cute.

He really liked me probably because he knows how much I love sea lions and he knows I’m really smart like him.

He played with me and showed me some funny things he can do. I really liked jumping and dancing with him.

He can swim really well!

The coolest thing we did was play fetch with his favorite toy. His trainer said he loves his toy so much and doesn’t like to give it to just anyone. He must have really liked me because he brought it back for me to throw again.

I already wanted to be a sea lion trainer when I grow up. Spending the day with Duke made me feel like I already had that job. I want to be just like his real trainer when I get old enough to go to work every day.

Thank you “Clyde” for hanging out with me on the best day ever!