Myranda Czubak, Communications Specialist


I started my career with this company in 2005 as a dolphin trainer at Discovery Cove.  For three years, my “office” was a tropical oasis, and I welcomed guests into the water to fulfill their life-long dream of meeting a dolphin.  I developed a strong passion for our company and wanted to inspire the same emotions in future team members, and because of this, I transferred to the Human Resources department.  Two years later, the opportunity to write for SeaWorld internal communications presented itself, and I have been typing nonstop ever since.

I grew up in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah, with a double major in psychology and sociology with an emphasis in criminology.  I wanted to either train dolphins or work as a counselor at a youth detention facility -- two very different paths.  My family didn’t hide their excitement when I chose dolphin training.  I returned to school and obtained my master's degree in human resources at Webster University in advance of my switch from trainer to HR representative.  My experience working with guests in the park and supporting team members behind the scenes has provided me with insight into what makes for a great story as Communications Specialist.

Life is made up of unforgettable moments, and I have created countless moments I will cherish forever since starting at SeaWorld.  I've been thanked by teary-eyed parents of Make-A-Wish children after their child completed their dream to swim with dolphins. I've worked on the hiring process for hundreds of excited new team members when our one-of-a-kind waterpark, Aquatica, opened. I've shared the stories of turtles, manatees, and birds that were rescued, rehabilitated and released by our dedicated animal teams.  There is no other work I would rather do, and no other place I would rather work.