Nov 17

Animals Helping Animals

Shamu got the opportunity last week to present a $10,000 donation to the Helen Woodward Animal Center! Wow! While this check presentation was full of fun and smiles, it is also a reminder of how much work still needs to be done in our community to help orphaned animals in need. I am so proud to be a part of a company that cares for the welfare of all animals, not just those in the ocean. It sends a great message and reminder that we all can do something today to make a difference for an orphaned animal tomorrow. My husband, a local dog trainer, sees first-hand every day how amazing shelter pets can be if they are given a chance. In fact we foster shelter dogs in our home several times a year. Community support is what these shelters need to thrive.

Please take a moment to think of what you can personally do to help a local shelter near you: spay or neuter your pet, make a donation, drop off some dog toys or old blankets. I personally couldn’t catch an injured seal on the beach, but I can volunteer to walk a few dogs each week. There are a lot of differences between SeaWorld and the Helen Woodward Animal Center, but our commitment to helping animals and giving them a second chance at life will always be the same. To learn more about the amazing programs at the Helen Woodward Animal Center you can visit

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