Jul 28

Animal Adaptations I Wish I Had

Most marine animals are able to live in and out of water because of their adaptations. Those are all the things that have changed over time to help them survive. It would be really cool if I had some of their adaptations too. Being able to swim fast, breathe under water and even hide would be awesome.

Walruses can hold their breath to stay under water for about 10 minutes. I really like to go snorkeling with a mask so I can see under water longer while taking breaths through the snorkel. If I could hold my breath as long as a walrus I wouldn’t need to use a snorkel to breathe. I could just go under water and see everything around me!

Sea lions are my most favorite marine animals for lots of reasons. I like to feed them fish and watch them play in the water at SeaWorld. They have fusiform bodies; that means they are shaped like a football with pointy ends. Their body shape helps them move in the water fast. They use their back flippers to steer. I wish I was shaped like a sea lion and had flippers so I could swim fast too.

Sharks swim way better than people because of their adaptations. If I jumped in a pool and didn’t move, I would sink because bones are heavy. Sharks have cartilage instead of bones so they can swim really fast. Sharks can also breathe under water because they have gills. Having gills means they don’t need to come out of the water to breathe. With gills I could live underwater too!

Killer whales are really big but don’t seem so big because of their black and white skin pattern. Their eye looks like it is the big white patch on their sides but really that’s just a way to make them look smaller. You can’t even see their eyes unless you look really closely. I would like to be camouflaged like killer whales so I could sneak up on my friends when we play tag on the playground!

Another animal that can hide really well is the polar bear. Their white color is the reflection from the snow so it’s like they are invisible when they are outside. I want to be invisible too!

Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to do what the animals do? I still think I would most like to be a sea lion so I could swim with friends all day.