An Awwww Wordless Wednesday

Get to know this lovable dolphin calf by visiting the dolphin nursery at

An Underwater Interview? It Can Be Done at SeaWorld San Diego's Turtle Reef

The animal experts at SeaWorld are always eager to share our story of conservation and animal care, especially when we have a new attraction that supports our mission. But why settle for a regular media interview when you can conduct one from the depths of a 300,000 gallon aquarium?

Animal Athletes at SeaWorld

 We’re gearing up for the 2nd annual Run for the Fund, and all this talk about physical fitness and ability got us thinking about some of the incredible athletic adaptations animals have that help them compete in the everyday “game” of survival. They rely on these adaptations to help them find food, reproduce, move, and communicate with other animals.

Baby Beluga Getting Along Swimmingly at SeaWorld San Diego

A female beluga whale calf born June 23 at SeaWorld San Diego’s Wild Arctic exhibit is thriving and has bonded with her ”surrogate” mom.

Beach Clean-Up

A normal Saturday morning at 6 a.m. at SeaWorld San Antonio has team members arriving to work and getting read to prep the park for opening, but on this particular morning there was a group of people gathered in the team member parking lot for a different reason.

Because of Camp...

Last year, the American Camp Association (ACA) launched a campaign entitled “Because of Camp…” With YouTube videos and bill boards, it got people thinking about the benefits of camp: friendship, responsibility, skill development, self confidence, etc. People from all walks of life can experience camp and I think no two people get the same thing out of the camp experience.

Behind the Scenes: Sharks at SeaWorld San Antonio

Here in the Education and Conservation Department at SeaWorld San Antonio, we love sharks an awful lot. We enjoy talking about all of the animals, but any time the subject of sharks comes up, we get really excited. There is just so much to say!

Beneath the Surface- The Making of SeaWorld’s “One Ocean” - Whale Behaviors

The fourth video in our series “Beneath the Surface” delves into some of the new whale behaviors in the “One Ocean” show.

BG Honors World Turtle Day 2011

This story was written by animal keeper Kristin Fulton:


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