A Vibrant Wordless Wednesday

A glimpse into the new, man-made removable coral for The Grand Reef, opening in June at Discovery Cove. 

A World Ocean Day Wordless Wednesday


Loggerhead sea turtle release.

All I Want for Christmas Is...

Turn on the TV and you’ll see all kinds of gift ideas.  Blankets with arms.  Pet rocks.  Weights that shake.  There’s quite a variety of off-the-wall gift ideas out there, but if you’re really in the market for a unique gift idea, why not consider some of the many SeaWorld gift ideas we have to offer?  Take a look in any of our gift shops and you’ll see a wide array of shirts, cups, jewelry,

America Recycles and at SeaWorld San Antonio, So Do We!

November 15 marks the annual America Recycles Day, which brings awareness to importance of reducing our nation’s waste. According to the Houston Chronicle, America Recycles Day got its start thanks to Texas Recycles Day back in 1994.

An American Success Story - The Bald Eagle

It’s a success story to be proud of – the American Bald Eagle’s removal from the endangered species list. But this respected raptor serves as more than just a symbol of long life and great strength, it provides information on the health of our environment.

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