Busch Gardens and Cahoon Elementary – Taking Conservation to the Next Level

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Cahoon Elementary Magnet School of Animal Science have teamed up to provide students with a innovative, year-long program that will challenge children to strategize solutions regarding some of our world’s greatest conservation challenges. The project is called “Conservation Matters” and allows children to apply the abstract knowledge of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science directly to real-life conservation challenges.

"Off" Season...Not So Different From "On" Season

One of the questions I get the most is, “What do you do when the park is closed?”  Well, we are here taking care of the animals 365 days a year, so the park being closed doesn’t change our work schedule very much.  We simply have more time to train new behaviors, train new people, and strengthen our relationships with the animals.  For example, today, while the park is closed, we are busy working on several behaviors for the upcoming Jack Hanna show. 

1,000 and counting

Around SeaWorld Orlando, this loggerhead sea turtles is known as "Mr. 1,000."

12 more sea turtles returned to Florida's Gulf waters.

On September 16, Lateesha Hektner, (above on right) from SeaWorld Orlando’s animal rescue team, returned to the wild 12 sea turtles that had been in the park’s care. The sea turtles – 11 highly endangered Kemp’s Ridley and one green – all were impacted by the Gulf oil spill.

15 now-healthy sea turtles returned to waters off Daytona Beach, Fla.

SeaWorld Orlando’s animal experts today returned 15 rehabilitated and now-healthy Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles to the wild.  The highly endangered reptiles were released at Winterhaven Park in Ponce Inlet, Florida, near Daytona Beach.

2011 SeaWorld Camp Starts Today in Orlando

Today is the first day of 2011 SeaWorld Camp in Orlando.  And for those of you looking for a different species of camp, you've found it!  SeaWorld Orlando offers 12 Day Camps and three Resident Camps for children going into preschool through

A Cute Story of Sandhill Surrogacy

While caring for both a rescued adult sandhill and an orphaned chick, SeaWorld’s Aviculture team put their problem-solving skills to work to create a successful surrogacy.

A Day in the Life of Clay!

I get the question all the time, "Clay what do you do at SeaWorld?" My answer always is, well I work with animals, but that's not the whole story.

A Home for the Hornbills

Deforestation has affected our world in many ways. Most of us are now aware of its role in global warming and how it affects our world as a whole – but few think about its impact on even the smallest of creatures. In the dry lowland rainforests of Sumatra, six Sumatran hornbill species have been designated as “Near Threatened” by the IUCN Red List due to the loss of their forest habitat.

A Message on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: From Veterinarian Dr. Chris Dold

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to become one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history, a team of federal and NGO (non-governmental organizations) veterinarians and animal rehabilitation experts have formed an Incident Command Center to respond to Oiled Wildlife Events.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens remain in close contact with these officials and they are aware of our willingness to assist. At this time, they have not decided how we can best assist the effort.

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