A World Ocean Day Wordless Wednesday


Loggerhead sea turtle release.

Actress Dania Ramirez Chills with Some New Friends at SeaWorld Orlando

Earlier this week actress Dania Ramirez, star of HBO’s hit series Entourage, visited SeaWorld Orlando's Penguin Encounter. She ditch

All I Want for Christmas Is...

Turn on the TV and you’ll see all kinds of gift ideas.  Blankets with arms.  Pet rocks.  Weights that shake.  There’s quite a variety of off-the-wall gift ideas out there, but if you’re really in the market for a unique gift idea, why not consider some of the many SeaWorld gift ideas we have to offer?  Take a look in any of our gift shops and you’ll see a wide array of shirts, cups, jewelry,

Amazing Photos! Infrared Images of Elephants at Night

Infrared Imagery: Elephants at Night!

Infrared (IR) photography is a valuable tool in examining the thermoregulation systems of animals.

In these images, taken at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay each color represents a different temperature, so we can see what parts or areas of animals and their environments are cooler, or warmer, than others.

That helps us to learn about how animals regulate their body temperature.

An American Success Story - The Bald Eagle

It’s a success story to be proud of – the American Bald Eagle’s removal from the endangered species list. But this respected raptor serves as more than just a symbol of long life and great strength, it provides information on the health of our environment.

An Awwww Wordless Wednesday

Get to know this lovable dolphin calf by visiting the dolphin nursery at

An Eerie Wordless Wednesday

Do you know where to find a green moray eel at SeaWorld Orlando?

An Egg-ceptional Learning Experience

Birds - they make everything look easy, don’t they? Give a Scarlet Macaw an almond, and it will crack it open and devour it in mere seconds, while we are still trying to figure out in which kitchen drawer the nutcracker is hiding. A King penguin merely has to gracefully push its wings up and down and suddenly it is effortlessly thrust through the water at dizzying speeds, while we are still struggling to fit into our swimsuits. And flying? Forget about it! A rainbow lorikeet can just FALL off a perch, right itself in the air and zip around our heads with glee. And us?

An Eggcelent Wordless Wednesday

What is this funny-looking thing you might ask? It’s a Tawny Frogmouth egg being candled. Our bird experts candle certain eggs to determine fertility and the progression of an embryo as it develops. This process is also used to determine when the little guy will hatch. Enjoy!

An Insider Look at Cheetah Run

A Sneak Peek at the "other" part of the Cheetah Hunt Realm

By now you know this blog is your go-to source for updates on Cheetah Hunt, the amazing new roller coaster coming later this spring to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

But did you know this one-of-a-kind coaster experience is only a portion of the new realm we are adding to the park? The other part of the new attraction is called Cheetah Run.

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