A Stretchy Wordless Wednesday

Take a look at this Veiled Chameleon grabbing some lunch, literally!

A Tale of Two Joeys: Kangaroo Kindness from a 'Roo SuperMom'

Parents who host even small sleepovers for their children are truly unsung heroes. They endure all-night gigglefests, stealthy trips to the 'fridge, and the occasional teary home-sick child (whose family lives two houses down.)  But let me tell you the story of a Red Kangaroo named May: one of the most generous moms I’ve ever met.

A Teeny Tiny Wordless Wednesday

This bug-eyed little guy is too cute for words!

A Toothy Wordless Wednesday

Did you know these teeth are from a 16 ½-foot, male Great White Shark from Western Australia?

A Velvety Wordless Wednesday

Do you know the ray's closest relative?

A Vibrant Wordless Wednesday

A glimpse into the new, man-made removable coral for The Grand Reef, opening in June at Discovery Cove. 

A Visit from the Doctor...for Sharks

Just like it’s a good idea to go get a checkup every now and then from your doctor, our sharks get checked out from time to time as well. Just recently, we have given most of our sharks their annual physical checkups. Of course, the sharks can’t go to the doctor, so we bring the doctor (one of our staff veterinarians) to them.

A Whale of a Wordless Wednesday

An excited beluga whale, enjoy!

A Wordless Wednesday Kiss

Want to see this cute kiss in person? Experience SeaWorld Orlando's all-new show, One Ocean.

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