Jul 28

Adorable Baby Flamingos Hatched at Busch Gardens

by Staff

They're not pink, but they are all leg. Since June 3, seven baby Caribbean flamingos have hatched at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The most recent was born on Sunday, July 25.

Baby Flamingo with keeper

The baby flamingos join a flock of about 125 adults on display in the Bird Gardens area of the park. The young ones tend to stay in the middle, so the entire flock can keep on eye on them.

Baby Flamingo running with adults

Flamingos with baby

As these babies prove, newly hatched chicks are not pink, but in fact have gray or white down feathers. They eventually have a pink coloring that comes from the carotenoid pigments they consume as part of their diet. They won't lose all of their darker feathers for a few years.

Baby  Flamingo

Flamingos' bright color and gentle nature have made them a favorite of Busch Gardens guests for many years. Caribbean and Chilean flamingos also reside in Busch Gardens' Jambo Junction. Some of that flock take part in a daily parade through the park, giving guests a chance to meet the beautiful pink birds up close.