Aug 29

30-Day Water Bottle Challenge

It’s really sad to see garbage in lakes and oceans where animals live. Animals sometimes try to eat the garbage or sometimes get tangled up in stuff that does not belong in their home. That’s why I’m starting the “30-Day Water Bottle Challenge”!

We can all make a difference together by doing some easy things like not using plastic water bottles. If everybody throws away one plastic water bottle every day, that’s a lot of garbage that won’t end up in the ocean or other water. It’s good to recycle plastic bottles but it’s better to drink water from a refillable bottle.

My mom made a progress page so I can check off every day when I use my pink water bottle instead of a plastic one. It’s easy for me because I can just refill my bottle at the water fountain at school. Sometimes if we are in a hurry I help my family because I fill up our water bottles before we leave.

I’ve already started on my list. It feels good knowing that I’m helping to keep the ocean clean.

I am making a difference to make sure all these plastic bottles don’t go to the ocean.

You can do my 30-day water bottle challenge too with this progress chart:

Plastic bottles don’t belong in the ocean so let’s try to use a refillable water bottle every day instead! I’ll check in with you again soon to give you an update on my progress.